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High-Performance 3D Printing Filament Materials

Orb Polymer is a company committed to making 3D printing more accessible and more affordable for us all. Through innovation and the use of new and exciting technology, we are able to provide quality 3D printing supplies for a reasonable, low cost. When 3D printing technology first emerged, the cost of owning a 3D printer or creating a 3D model or object was extremely high and out of reach for many. Today, with 3D printing becoming a new mainstay in our everyday lives, more and more people can take their creations and turn them into a functioning product.

At Orb Polymer, we focus on providing our customers with high-performance 3D printer filaments at affordable prices. We offer several different kinds of filaments including ABS, PLA and PET, in just about every color imaginable so your creations need not be limited. All of our filaments are ideal for use with desktop 3D printers, including Makerbot and Ultimaker. They are also ideal for open source 3D printing like the RepRap Project.

To meet the specific requirements of your final product, we offer PLA, ABS and PET filaments in two main dimensions: 1.75mm and 3mm. You can also select how much of each type and/or color filament you will need to complete your project as all of printing plastics are sold on reels (1.0 kg or 0.45 kg).

If you have any questions about our filaments or need help deciding which filament will best meet the needs and requirements of your next 3D printing endeavor, please do not hesitate to contact us – we are more than happy to help!

Orb Polymer is in the process of developing unique filaments to expand 3D printing technology to High Performance applications. Check back here for updates on these new materials. Meanwhile checkout out our high quality PLA, ABS and PET filaments.